Frequently Asked Questions


Is a managed operations solution right for my business?

A client consultation is required firstly to ensure that our service model is right for the client and also to ensure that Eva PA are the best service provider for our clients to partner with. 

 We then review what support is required within each business area and this will determine the best support package for our clients.  Our final packages, and roles within, will be determined by each of our client’s unique circumstances, however all roles will be made available to their business should the need ever arise to utilise them.  

How do you manage the projects and tasks?

We use a secure online project management system, which our team use to manage individual tasks.  We can also give clients access to view progress and add updates if they wish. 

Who will I deal with on a daily basis?

You will primarily deal with your dedicated Operations Manager each day, or, when required, and you will submit all tasks to them.  They will then manage the distribution of tasks to the team, allocation of hours as well as manage the individual tasks. This means our clients only ever have to go one person.  Of course, it makes sense that our clients Personal Assistant has an open line to the client too. 

The Operations Manager is responsible for ensuring delivery of the overall operation.     

Where are you based?

We have offices in Glasgow where our Operations Managers are based.  The rest of the team are based throughout the UK.  We communicate with each other using e-mail, audio, web based project management systems and secure cloud based solutions.  

What hours do the team operate?

Our team are all independent freelancers and do not work set hours.  Our client’s tasks are carried out throughout the day, evening and weekends.  Your Operations Manager will be contactable both online and to chat Monday – Friday between the hours 0900 Hrs and 1700 Hrs (GMT).  

Do you provide financial or accounting support services?

We are happy to supply our client’s accountant or bookkeeper with any information / invoices / receipts / expenses that are relevant to business matters, but we do not provide bookkeeping or accounting services.

Do you provide live call answering / live chat facilities?

No. We are a mainly online services provider and do not offer any real time services such as live chat or live call answering facilities and these services are not available through our packages. 

Do you work with 3rd parties?

We understand from time to time our clients may wish to on-board specialist business and management consultants in IT or PR, for example.   We are entirely committed to working with our clients 3rd parties to achieve the desired outcome for their business.  

How to you manage client's confidential information?

Eva PA have robust agreements in place with all of our team members including non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements.   Eva PA are also happy to sign confidentiality agreements if our clients wish. 

We use business cloud management solutions to store our clients information and retain relevant information until the completion of the contract or project.  Information no longer required is then securely destroyed in line with our file retention policy.